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Bits of History and Historical Fiction

Three of My Favorite Historical Novels

The good people at Shepherd have asked all its readers and authors who post there to supply a list of three favorite books we read in the past year.


It was pretty hard to narrow the choice down that far, but I picked (in no particular order): The East Indian, by Brinda Charry; Act of Oblivion, by Robert Harris; and Lady Tan's Circle of Women, by Lisa See. Here's the link to that page: https://shepherd.com/bboy/2023/f/larry-zuckerman


I reviewed all three in greater depth (and many more besides) on my blog, Novelhistorian (https://novelhistorian.com/).


In case you don't know Shepherd.com, it's an alternative to Goodreads that allows authors and readers more scope, yet keeps entries short and to the point. Their theory is that brief reviews, written from the heart, connect best with readers.


See what you think.

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