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Getting Creatively Lost: A Ramble Through France

In Autoire

Above Autoire.

After the castle, I made a steep descent on a rocky, twisting path, unkind to a bad toe, and was rewarded again, coming on a lovely, shaded path through the woods, past a waterfall and a brook.

Another half-mile brought me to the village of Autoire, where there’s not much to do except admire the few houses, drink on the hotel terrace, or buy mushrooms from the shop down the street. However, it’s gorgeous, especially at night. As the light falls, the silhouette of the surrounding hills (and the English castle) fades, and the village towers etch themselves against the darkening sky. My hotel room even had a balcony, from which, the next morning, I watched the mist gradually lift from the same view under the brightening sun.

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