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Getting Creatively Lost: A Ramble Through France

To Autoire

A path between Loubressac and Autoire.

The path to Autoire impressed me more than any I took between villages. It had everything a hiker could want–views, an antiquity, a waterfall and brook, and a pretty destination where a cold Leffe was waiting to be drunk.

Much of my route went through woods, for once, with low stone walls on either side, and climbing a back road brought me to a lookout to end all lookouts. Farther on, I came to “the English castle,” doubtless a relic from the Hundred Years War, which ended in the fifteenth century. Built into a hillside, the masonry, still in excellent shape, had a light, tawny color, and the crossbow slits offered marvelous views. As with Taillefer, I think it must have been a guardhouse/lookout.

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