Larry Zuckerman

"Make Hummus, Not Walls"

This article, which ran in Perceptive Travel in May 2014, resulted from my first visit to Israel, which included a trip to Hebron. Less than an hour outside Jerusalem, Hebron is a heavily contested city, a flashpoint for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I'll never forget seeing this intractable struggle close up.

The potato: a labor-saver, a fast food, a budget stretcher, a loan bank, a delicacy, a hedge against famine--and a crucial ingredient in the social changes that swept through Europe and the United States in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
In August 1914, the German Army invaded neutral Belgium and burned scores of towns and villages, executing about five thousand civilians. The Belgians cried murder; the Germans insisted that the civilians had fired on them. But the controversy, fanned by propaganda on both sides, obscured a greater crime, the military occupation of Belgium over the next four years, which presaged Nazi Europe.
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A visit to Hebron, where seven hundred soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces keep an uneasy peace.